iPhone 12 Unlocked 64gb - Blue

iPhone 12 Unlocked 64gb - Blue
iPhone 12 Unlocked 64gb - Blue
Condition: Good
Brand: Apple
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Price: $539.99

iPhone 12 Blue unlocked 64GB 


- Home charger

This device is in very good condition.  It is CDMA unlocked which means it will work with any carrier.  You will need to give your carrier the IMEI number to get the best possible service.

If you are interested in visually inspecting the device before purchasing you can come to the store listed at the end of the title above.  Everything is guaranteed to work 100%.   Shipping is only available for domestic USPS shipping.  Any orders purchased from overseas will be refunded and not shipped.  The pictures provided are not of the actual device and are for reference only.  All phones IMEI and ESN numbers have been verified clean and are guaranteed to work as part of our 90 day warranty. 


Description of conditon:

Unless otherwise noted above in device specifics or in the title all there devices are guaranteed fully functioning and the screens will be free of cracks.

Premium quality devices will have light to moderate wear.   Fair quality devices will have heavy wear.   ​


Warranty and Returns:

Returns/Exchanges/Refunds info: Returns are only offered for devices purchased directly on the website and shipped directly to the customer for 14 days from purchase date.  Items purchased on the web and picked up in the store or items purchased directly in the store can other be returned for store credit only.  No direct returns will be allowed on devices purchased or picked up directly from the store so inspect the device and make sure it will work with your carrier of choice before buying.  Devices purchased will not be accepted for return with IMEI/Service related issues as the IMEI’s have been verified clean before your purchase.  Any device that has been physically damaged will not be considered for return or exchange.  Damaged devices may be considered for purchase at fair market value at the sole discretion of the shift manager.

Warranty info: 90 day warranty covers only defects in parts and workmanship.  Any modification to the parts, repairs or device will void the warranty.  Any physical damage including but not limited to drops or water damage will not be covered by the warranty.

Warranty does not cover following physical damages to the item: 


a) Dropping the device that results in broken screen and/or malfunction of the unit 

b) Water damaged or liquid exposure 

c) Exposure to hot and cold temperature 

d) Reckless misuse and neglect of the item 

e) Installation of third party software

f) Opening the device or altering the hardware in anyway.