iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis

iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis
iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis iPhone 4s Verizon 8gb - Indianapolis
Condition: Premium
Brand: Apple
Availability: In Stock
Price: $49.99

iPhone 4s verizon - 8 GB Premium

- Home charger

If you are interested in visually inspecting the device before purchasing you can come to the store listed at the end of the title above.  Everything is guaranteed to work 100%.   Shipping is only available for domestic USPS shipping.  Any orders purchased from overseas will be refunded and not shipped.  General information on grade of this device (A, B or C) is provided below.  The pictures provided are not of the actual device and are for reference only.  All phones IMEI and ESN numbers have been verified clean and are guaranteed to work as part of our 90 day warranty. 


General information of grades:

GRADE A+ -  Screen is flawless or has very minor scratches that are barely visible when the screen is dark and not at all visible when the screen is lit. Back has no scratches or very light scratches and looks excellent. 

GRADE A - Either the glass has been replaced or the original glass is in mint condition. The glass would have no scratches or if there wear any scratches they would be very light, meaning they would not be noticeable when the screen is lit and hard to see when the screen is dark.  If the screen in listed as flawless then probably a new screen was put in.  The Back housing has light wear.  Very light wear means there is very few scratches and no dings in the housing, near mint is a good description of this device.  Light wear means the back has many light scratches but it is still in excellent condition.  There will be no dings or dents or deep scratches in the housing.

GRADE B - The screen may be replaced in some situations.  B grade screens will have some visible signs of wear however no deep scratches or dings in the screen will be present.  There can be some minor signs of wear on the housing around the screen.  These devices have what I would consider normal use on the back housing.  There is a moderate amount of scratches but no dings.  Usually you can still clearly see the logo's and detailed information on the back pretty clearly.  Sometimes there are slight imperfections in the housing but that would be noted above.

GRADE C - In some situations the screen may be replaced but the screen could have visible scratches.  The scratches would not effect the ability to see or use the device.   If the screen is not replaced any details about the screen will be noted above. These devices have moderate to heavy wear on the back housing.  There may be scratches and sometimes a ding or two in the housing around the screen and moderate to heavy wear on the back of the housing.  My requirements for units in this condition is that there are no dings that cause the glass to not sit flush or impair functionality in anyway.  Sometimes the small pieces of the plastic housing may be damaged or missing around the glass.  Once again nothing that would cause the glass to separate or affect useability.  Anything that stands out will be noted in the description above.

Warranty and Returns:

Returns/Exchanges/Refunds info:  Full refunds are not offered.  Returns and exchanges are only offered for items purchased on the website, in store purchases or devices purchased on the web and picked up in store do not qualify for returns or exchanges.  In the case of a defect or issue with the device you purchased or picked up from the store the 90 day warranty applies meaning we will repair the device not provide a refund or exchange.  Therefore the rest of this information applies to direct web store purchases only that are shipped out.  Exchanges for devices of the same or higher prices are available in place of a return assuming the exchanged device meet the requirements listed below for returns.  A 15% restocking fee will be assessed on all returned items.  A return will be accepted within the first 14 days, all returns must be original device as unit will be checked for serial number and special markings hidden on the device.  All returns must be accompanied by any accessories provided through listing or a $15 per item fee will be assessed.  Returns must be in the same condition as when the were shipped out as described in the body of the listing above.  If the device has been altered or damaged in anyway you cannot return or exchange the item.  If the device has been activated on a network it cannot be accepted for return or exchange as we have methods for determining if this is case.  

Warranty info: Warranty information applies to all devices purchased whether in store or on the web.  Warranty is not the same as insurance.  Any physical damage would not be covered under the warranty.  Warranty is 90 days from receipt.  Warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship. Fix My Cell is the sole entity who can determine if item in this listing is covered under the warranty.  Devices returned to Fix My Cell with physical damage as described below will be returned and money will not be refunded.  If a device is defective the first option will be repair and if that is not available then an like for like exchange will be provided.    A like for like exchange means an device with same color, memory capacity and condition will be provided.  In the event a like for like exchange device is not available the amount paid can be put towards another device for exchange.

Warranty does not cover following physical damages to the item: 

a) Dropping the device that results in broken screen and/or malfunction of the unit 

b) Water damaged or liquid exposure 

c) Exposure to hot and cold temperature 

d) Reckless misuse and neglect of the item 

e) Installation of third party software

f) Opening the device or altering the hardware in anyway.