Cell phone / Tablet / iPod Repair

At Fix My Cell if the part is available, we can fix it! Our repairs include screens replacement, charge ports, batteries, buttons, housing and other replaceable hardware of your device. For any repair you can call one of our locations for a quote.

  • We offer data recovery options and limited software repair services
  • Water damage repair services available

Television Repair

We repair/replace motherboards, bad capacitors, remote sensors, and other parts. Often with TV repair, we will need to take apart the TV and do a diagnostic to determine extend of the damage. If your TV screen is cracked it is time to replace your television! The cost to replace a screen is more than it cost to replace the television. For any repair you can call one of our locations for a quote.

Laptop Repair

We repair screens, charge ports, disc drives, board replacement/repair, batteries, memory upgrades and other hardware related repairs.

Gaming System Repair

Laser replacement, disc tray repair, HDMI port replacement, motherboard work and other replaceable parts.

Other Repairs

We repair a wide range of electronics. If you have something that needs fixed but it is not listed above drop by or give us a call. We would love to help!

What We Offer

We repair cell phones, tablets, TVs, laptops, gaming systems and other electronics. If the part is available, we can repair it.

We sell used/refurbished phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, phone accessories, gaming systems, cell phone parts, and many other things. Check our web store for up to date items for sale and pricing.

We purchase smartphones, tablets, flat panel TVs, gaming systems, and headphones. Mostly electronics made in the last five years. We can provide you with a rough quote over the phone for any item you wish to sell. We reserve the right to change or revoke any offers once we thoroughly inspect the device.