How long do repairs take?

Typical turnaround time is an hour or less when the part is in stock. We have a good supply of parts in stock for most popular phones. If we need to order a part, you can continue to use your phone until the part arrives. Or if your phone is not useable, we have basic loner phones available. For specific time frames and availability of parts please contact one of our stores for details.

What about the data on my device?

Your data and privacy are important to us. Few repairs require accessing data on the phone, and we'll only do so with your permission. We can also backup/retrieve data files from a damaged device at your request.

Do you sell parts or repair tools?

Currently Fix My Cell does not sell any parts or tools.

Can rice fix a water damanged phone?

On a daily basis we have customers walk in and talk about how they put their phone in rice and it is still not working properly. Once water gets inside a phone casing and down to the circuit board level, rice cannot quickly and thoroughly pull the moisture back out. This is especially true for phones that were immersed in water. Moisture causes corrosion to internal components, and if it is not immediately addressed, the phone can be ruined. We also see a lot of instances where the phone worked for a week, month, six months or even longer before the internal corrosion took hold and things started going wrong with the phone.

Your best chance at saving your phone is to bring it into our store as soon as possible after getting wet. We have three different levels of cost for water damage treatment:

  1. Contacts and photo retrieval for those interested in just getting the info out of the phone. Sometimes we can repair the phone enough to get the info out but not enough to fully repair the phone. In this situation we keep the phone and you get a discounted price.
  2. 100% working without screen replaced.
  3. 100% working with screen replaced.

As always, prices vary based on part price so call for quote. If the phone is not repairable there is a cost of $25 to attempt the repair.

Besides repair, what other services does Fix My Cell offer?

We buy and sell used phones, iPads, other tablets, and iPods. We even purchase broken devices for parts and repair. We also have a selection of popular phone accessories for sale, and we can special order accessories for devices we don't carry in store. Available accessories include but are not limited to batteries, universal chargers, home chargers, car chargers, and Otter box and assorted other cases for many devices.