10 Best Tips on How to Protect Your Smartphone from Water Damage

Water damaged mobile phone

Water that gets inside a smartphone can corrode the copper contacts on the circuit board and metal connections. Eventually the corrosion will destroy the smartphone.

Home remedies, like putting a wet smartphone in rice, won’t remove internal moisture.

Best Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Water Damage:

1. Keep your smartphone in a waterproof case.

2. Don’t swim or bathe with your smartphone.

3. Don’t put your smartphone in a sealed Ziploc bag, it will not protect it if it’s immersed.

4. Store your smartphone indoors in a dry place away from water sources.

5. Before you touch your smartphone, wipe your hands so they are as dry and clean as possible.

6. If you’re using your smartphone outside and it’s raining or snowing, protect it under an umbrella, or keep it inside a waterproof pocket or bag and use a headset.

7. If you’re exercising with your smartphone, protect it from sweat. Immediately wipe off any sweat you see on the surface with a soft dry cloth.

8. If your smartphone’s surface gets wet or damp, pat off all surface moisture with a soft dry cloth.

9. When cleaning the surface of your smart phone, use a dry or slightly damp (not wet) soft cloth. If using a damp cloth, use a soft dry cloth afterward to remove all traces of moisture.

10. If you think that water may have seeped inside your smartphone, turn it off and remove the battery. Remove external devices too, such as the SIM card. This will help to prevent damaging the phone’s circuits and battery corrosion. Next take it to a mobile device repair shop for professionally cleaning to make sure that all water has been removed.


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